New Delhi. In a shocking incident, a seven-year-old girl  Adya Singh died of dengue in  Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurugram (Gurgaon). The deceased parents alleged that the hospital overcharged but the hospital showed the LAMA (Leave Against Medical Advice) rules.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda had took over the matter after the Adya family members complaining him of negligence in Adya’s treatment on the part of the hospital. “We have asked the hospital to submit a detailed report to the health ministry,” J P Nadda said.

The big amount Rs 16 lakh, which even included a cost of around 1600 hand gloves and 500 injection  syringes and also during her treatment  the hospital charged Rs 200  per sugar strips which otherwise priced only at Rs 13 per stripe.

K. K. Agarwal, IMA President in a statement said that the girl’s case was that of a severe dengue shock syndrome and a wrong message should not be sent out that the cost of treatment in such cases cannot be high.

Dr Agarwal of Fortis hospital said that “It is the responsibility of the hospital to inform the people in such cases, as it was not a “simple dengue case”. He also included “the child was in ICU for 13 days and on a ventilator for 11 days, perhaps implying that those costs had to be accounted for.”

“Adya’s condition was not improving and the hospital kept pumping her with drugs.” Adya’s father Jayant Singh said.

As per report, one of the doctors informed the patient’s family, despite an MRI scan report that said  80 percent of Adya’s brain was damaged, so their is need of body plasma transplant as a last resort and the procedure would cost around Rs 16 lakh.

Despite money not being a problem but the hospital was pumping in unnecessary medicines, the girl’s father Jayant Singh said.

As per the girl parents, the behaviour of the hospital members changed when they said they wanted to take their daughter away and the hospital didn’t allowed for it  and hospital replied, the family was taking her against their medical advice and family had to wait for 10 hours just to get her discharged.

The hospital should have to provided ambulance either while under LAMA regulations but the family was not provided.

On September 14, the family decided to take Adya their home against the hospital’s advice and she died  the same day.