NewDelhi: In a Group A match played between India and USA , India lost the battle with 0-3. India were losing 2-0 at the time and many fans were leaving their seats because of disappointment. The match was held in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

Every single one of those thousands who were hold their heart in mouth when Anwar Ali latched on to a ball that felt lose inside the opposition box from a corner with only five minutes of time left.

Boys in blue played physically as well as technically. It was a hit with power from the left side of goal and Anwar Ali was looking for the top right corner, the ball was hit but the ball was rising too steeply and it reached to the crossbar. The fan from category 1 seat to category 4 seat could feel the thud of the ball.

The ball was passed to the Andrew Carton who found himself ahead of entire Indian defence and left only goalkeeper to beat. He drew out Dheeraj Moirangthem who had been brilliant throughout the match played well but unfortunately United States led the game with 3-0.

India started the match defensive. Coach Lois Norton de Mattos said later after post match press conference ” we started the game very shy in the last pass. We had to pose some problems to them and we didn’t because we were always not able to get the last pass correct”.

The United States were weary of the likes of Komal Thatal and Meetei catching them on the counter and treated carefully with their attacks in the early minutes. But India unable to maintain possession for more than two passes.

At last the match was not good for Indian Calts and also for the fans of the team. The Indian fans enjoyed the moment as for the first time Indian team became first representative of FIFA  World Cup under -17 age group.