Raipur/Bilaspur: Chhattisgarh High Court issued notice to Bilaspur Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board (CECB) and asked to submit the reply within two weeks. The Public Interest Litigation was filed by the Mangla village residents after all the representations and agitations had fell to deaf ears of BMC officials, CECB, state government through different forums including Lok Suraj Abhiyaan.

Fre emanating from the garbage dumping ground. (file Pic)

As per the villagers the dumping of garbage should have been done at Kachaar where the BMC had taken due permission for dumping which is around 15 kilometres from the Corporation limits.  Instead the dumping of garbage is being carried out near the Chaprabhata of Mangla village. The villagers alleged that Corporation health officials instruct the ground staff to burn the solid and dry garbage causing excessive poisonous fumes to hover around the village for long hours.

The agitated villagers said that they had been opposing the dumping for last two years. No Panchayat permission or no objection certificate has been taken by the Municipal Corporation before dumping the garbage, which is mixed with solid waste, plastic and waste food materials. During the winter and summer months the dry garbage is burnt which generate the poisonous fumes that covers the whole village causing breathing problems to the villagers mainly children and elders. The smoke emerges out of the dump yard for hours together.

Meanwhile, in the PIL it has been highlighted that villagers has been continuously opposing the dumping of garbage by BMC. They said that after no one was ready to hear and resolve their problems being faced due to dumping in the area, including fear of any massive backlash by the raging fire in dump, they were feeling insecure. This led them to approach the court for justice.

The villagers stated that they had taken a decision that from Saturday onwards, they would not allow any dumping vehicle enter their village. Meanwhile as per eyewitnesses, the vehicles numbering around four to five arrive during late night, when villagers are normally asleep. The dumping is carried out. They then set on fire, mainly the dry areas.

The Janta Congress Chhattisgarh (J) state general secretary Anil Tah backed up the protest of villagers against the BMC.