Bengaluru. In 2015-16, Ranga Rachappa filed his income tax and showed an annual income of Rs.40 lakh.

 While scrutinising his income, the income tax officials found that he had not declared the source of his income and asked the police to keep a track of him.

Two years later, on Monday Bangaluru police arrested Rachappa after seizing 30 kg ganja and Rs.5 lakh cash from him following a raid on his house in the city. Police said that Rachappa, a former construction labourer, sold over 30 kg ganja in a month at the rate of Rs.35,000 per kg. His clients mainly comprised college students and professionals working in private companies. The police, which also arrested an accomplice of Racchapa, are probing if the racket involves more people.

According to police, Rachappa, who has studied up to class 10, came to Bangaluru from Pushpapura village in Chamrajnagar district of Karnataka in 2011 to work in building construction sites. However, when someone offered him a business deal of getting ganja from his native village and supply it to customers in Bengaluru, he jumped at it.

In a matter of months, his “business” became exceptionally profitable, he told the police. In 2013, he chucked up his job at a construction site to fully concentrate on his ganja racket. He employed few youngsters to expand the supply network.   

With the new found wealth, he rented a villa in the city at the rate of Rs.40,000 per month and purchased a car. He also purchased properties in Pushpapura. On the advice of his lawyer, Rachappa registered himself as a class I contractor with some government departments to camouflage his drug business.

IT officials got suspicious of his Rs.40 lakh annual income showed in his IT return as he had not mentioned about any income from any sources including contract works.