Patna. Is Kashmir a separate country? Yes, if a question in the mid-term question paper circulated in all government schools of Bihar for mid-term exam for class 7 is to be believed.

The matter came to light when a student from Vaishali district pointed it out to the invigilators during the exam causing huge embarrassment for the Bihar Education Project Council. The question asked the students to how people of five countries – “China, England, Nepal, Kashmir and India” are called.

The exam is being conducted under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan and Bihar Education Project Council. Vaishali District Education Officer Sangeeta Sinha said that she was on leave when this incident occurred but said that she would look into matter.

BEPC Programme Officer Rajeev Ranjan said ” It was a printing error for which we express our deep regret. The question will not be taken into account at the time of evaluation.”

He said there would have been no problem if the oblique mark was there between country and state. The question paper though prepared centrally, were printed locally in the districts. There were no complaints from elsewhere, he added.

Earliar also Bihar’s education system was in limelight in fake topper issue. Ruby Rai, a supposed Bihar topper, was arrested by the Police in Patna after a video went viral in which she was seen describing political science as “prodical science”, a subject related to cooking.

During investigation Ruby failed to answer basic questions related to her studies. She admitted that she had asked her father to ensure she just passed in the exams, but her father “managed” to make her the topper in the state. She was later removed from the topper list.